Getting a New Garage Door? Use These 5 Tips to Save Money

Saving Money

Owning a home or property comes with some unexpected expenses, usually relating to repairs. The garage door is one that can catch anyone off guard, but you can avoid most surprise bills for the garage by following the five following tips.

Start with a Quality System

We all know the saying, and though we don’t much like it, there is truth to the simple concept that "you get what you pay for". That is not to say that price tags always indicate quality, but if something costs way less than you think it should (or than all the rest), it’s likely you are getting a low quality product along with the small price. How do you know when a garage door system is the best quality? You ask!

It is perfectly acceptable to find out about the thickness of the steel used in the hardware, what sort of exterior weatherstripping is right for your area, and why one component might be better than another. Get very specific about the quality of the door itself. For example, what type of insulation is used? What role does thickness play in a double garage door?

If product durability and eco‑friendliness are also important for you, a well‑made, high‑quality product will last longer and won’t need to be replaced out for many years – costing less in terms of home heating and cooling as well as keeping materials out of a landfill.

Use Regular Maintenance Routines

Homes have lots of moving parts, and this means lots of upkeep. The garage door system is no exception to that rule and you should do simple maintenance and upkeep every 90 days or so. If a door system is brand new, and used at a regular pace (3 open/close cycles a day), you won’t have too much to do for the first two years. If something starts making noise or acting oddly, contact a professional. If, on the other hand, you have an older system in place, you need to have a regular tune‑up at least once each year. The better providers offer a 26‑point program that involves checking, adjusting and lubricating your complete door system.

You can also do some preventative upkeep. An easy task is to lubricate hardware that move against must come into contact to operate (i.e. springs, rollers and hinges). Also use lubricant on the exterior PVC frame weatherstripping with a silicone‑based compound.

Don’t Think That Problems Just Go Away

The sudden development of odd bangs or whines, the thought that the system seems a bit "off" and any other worries should never be ignored. Lack of action on the part of an owner typically leads to a much more costly repair. It is helpful to know that most service calls relate to the spring system – either due to broken or worn springs that set the entire system off balance. Yet, that may not be the only problem, so don’t wait for any issues to go critical as it could leave you unable to open or close the door. Just call an experienced garage door professional immediately.

Much Garage Repair is Not DIY

As we said, lubricating the basic components is DIY (and allows you to do a basic visual exam on the entire system), but as you are probably not a garage door specialist, you should entrust the job of installing, repairing or maintaining the garage door to an expert. After all, systems involve heavy weights and springs under high tension. Attempting to change or replace any part can lead to serious injury. For instance, the "spring – drum – lift cable – bottom bracket" system is connected, and tension placed on them corresponds to the total weight of the door. Varying between 130 and 400 lb. (60 and 180 kg) depending on the width and materials used, it demonstrates just why experts are required when troubles arise.

Turn to Trusted Experts

You always want to have garage door system repairs done by experienced professionals. They get the work done right the first time, and ensure that the repairs are those required and not those that lead to them getting more business (such as an entirely new door installation when the first "repairs" fail).

How do you find the experts? Ask friends, colleagues and family members for recommendations and contact only those with years of expertise and a lot of satisfied customers. Always look for at least two or three to compare, and don’t hesitate to get a second opinion if a professional seems to be giving you a high priced estimate for your issue.

Final Thoughts…

If you are eager to get some answers to your garage door needs, just contact us at 1-800-696-1926. We are authentic and experienced garage door specialists in your area with many reviews received over years of working with satisfied customers. Service calls are rarely resolved over the phone, and a professional repair job demands onsite evaluation before any estimates can be made. We come out and send you a detailed quotation by email. If it is more than a repair, and you wish to change your garage door, or just to get an idea of what a new door would look like, we have an online Design Centre and image gallery to help.

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