December 20, 2016
Did your new home come with a builder’s grade bare bulb in the garage? Or are you building a garage and need advice on the best type of lighting? Choosing lighting solutions doesn’t need to be tricky. Today, we will give you our top tips for finding great fixtures for any garage.
December 16, 2016
Each house comes equipped with its own unique style of architecture. Not all houses are alike, and therefore not all facades can be decorated in the same way. Some designers may suggest a single wide garage door, while others might recommend the idea of two single garage doors for your facade. How can you decide which design is right for you? Read our ideas and suggestions for insights on how to make the best decision for your new garage door project. These tips can ensure that you will meet the needs of your house’s basic architectural function and style while giving you the new design that you’ve always wanted.
October 12, 2016
You’re relaxing at home, when suddenly you hear a huge bang or thump coming from your garage. What is it? You go to investigate, but you see nothing on the ground or at eye level. So, you look up – and there it is. A broken spring above the garage door. You’re pretty handy, so you figure you’ll have it fixed in no time – how hard could it be, replacing a broken spring? You’ll tackle the job over the weekend when you have more time.
September 14, 2016
Have you ever thought about doing something different with your garage? If you aren’t using it for your vehicles, then you are probably using it for storing items that you don’t really need or that you don’t use. That’s a colossal waste of space, and you could put that garage to better use. If you have kids, then you might even want to consider turning that space into a playroom for them Now, you might be thinking that there’s no way you would want to let your little ones go and roam around in the garage, especially if they were unattended. While that might be the case right now, there are a few simple things you can do to change up the look and feel of the garage and to make it into a safer place that kids will love. It’s actually easier to do than you might think. You can take care of it on your own in most cases, and it should only take you a short time to get the garage into great shape.
September 9, 2016
We would all like to reduce our heating bill as well as our ecological footprint. Likewise, everyone recognizes that each of us can do something about climate change, like purchasing sustainable products. That said, garage door dealers use R-value as a reference. But what exactly is it? And what should I look for in my next garage door?
July 22, 2016
Whether you’re building a new home or renovating, one of your main concerns is going to be making sure that the colors all work together. A good color scheme makes your home look inviting and welcoming. So, how should you coordinate the colors?
May 20, 2016
When you’ve decided to get started on all those upgrades you are finally able to do on your home, if you’re like most people, there are going to be areas on which you will want to skimp to save for something else. While this is a common occurrence when updating your home, there are a few things you need to know before you decide that hot tub in the master bath is worth spending considerably less on the garage if you want to make sure your home is protected.
April 22, 2016
Have you been searching for a way to spruce up the exterior of your home and increase its curb appeal? Often people turn to landscaping and patio furniture and overlook the largest element of their exterior – their garage door. The garage door takes up quite a bit of real estate if you will, especially if you have a two-car garage door. In fact, did you realize that the larger the garage door appears, the bigger your house appears? It just gives this illusion of grandeur and space, even if it’s not exactly true.
March 18, 2016
While the idea of a garage is that it gives you a place to park your vehicle keeping it safe from the outside elements, the fact is that we end up using our garage for all kinds of other purposes. Sure it can still be for parking, but you may also use it for practical purposes, or even fun ones. If you have a hobby and don’t have the space in your home for your hobby, the garage is often the next best thing. Let’s take a look at the ways in which you can use your garage, and the best way to organize it for each hobby.
February 9, 2016
Keeping your garage warm in the winter may have a more beneficial side-effect than just keeping your car toasty when you want to get into it – it may also allow your home to retain more of the heat that may otherwise seep out of cracks and holes in your almost-outdoor area. Just like you plan ahead to keep the small varmints out of your home, doing the same for your garage should be a critical part of your winter ritual. Add these 5 steps to your annual wintering project and reap the rewards of a warmer and cleaner home (and garage!).