Garage Events

August 31, 2018
Needing a place where you can enjoy the game and a cold beer with your friends? You may be surprised to realize that you have that space right in your own home and you haven’t even realized it. Here’s how you can fix up your garage to become the perfect hang out spot.
June 2, 2017
Party planning always begins with one major decision – where to hold the event. If you are in charge of arranging a party for your family, friends or even your office or other group, it means choosing the right spot. Unfortunately, when the event has many people, your choices shrink and get expensive. On the other hand you may already have the perfect spot for the gathering… your garage! Forget rearranging the furniture in your house or trying to find a rental with the right ratio of space to party guests. The garage lets you have complete control, works even in the rain and lets your imagination run wild in terms of décor and more.