April 22, 2016

Get Your Home Noticed with the Newest Styles in Garage Doors

Have you been searching for a way to spruce up the exterior of your home and increase its curb appeal? Often people turn to landscaping and patio furniture and overlook the largest element of their exterior – their garage door. The garage door takes up quite a bit of real estate if you will, especially if you have a two‑car garage door. In fact, did you realize that the larger the garage door appears, the bigger your house appears? It just gives this illusion of grandeur and space, even if it’s not exactly true.

With that said this is a really easy area to make a change and impact your house in all the right ways. There are a number of exciting trends happening in 2016 when it comes to garage doors, one of which is the push towards a bigger garage door. The idea is that it will capture the attention of passerbys faster than ever before.

Remember the Windows

It’s not just the size of the doors that is bigger and better, it’s also become quite on trend to have windows installed in the garage door. And we’re not talking about small windows that don’t really add light. Instead, opt for large, grand windows. This changes how the garage door looks from the exterior, giving it a modern and luxurious feel. Windows on a garage door automatically make it look like a more expensive model, which in turn affects the overall curb appeal of your home.

The interior of the garage also benefits as you’ll be able to take advantage of all kinds of natural light that will then stream in. This is ideal for anyone that uses their garage as their own little "shop" for working on DIY projects. There’s no need to struggle with those tiny light fixtures that just never seem to give off enough light.

Enjoy the Added Space

While that larger garage is certainly going to look great from the exterior, there is also the practical side of things. Let’s face it, the more space you have in your garage, the more convenient it will be for you. One of the biggest trends with new‑build homes is that they feature two‑car garages, and sometimes three.

You may not even have more than one car, but what this does is offer flexibility. Yes you can park multiple vehicles in the garage, but you can also use that extra space for storage, a home workshop, or anything else you can think of. If you happen to own your own auto repair business, or it’s something you just like to do on your own, having that extra bay is the perfect solution and may save you from having to rent space elsewhere.

Choose a Trendy Material

One of the easiest ways you can update your garage door and add that curb appeal to your home is by choosing a trendy material for the door such as faux wood. There is just something about the look of wood that is attractive, elegant, opulent, and always in fashion. You may be crinkling your nose at the idea of "faux wood" and wonder why you can’t use real wood instead. The fact is that wood isn’t durable to act as a garage door. Not only does it lack the strength, but it won’t last for a long period of time. Faux wood is finished in a way that gives the illusion of the real thing, and also offers the durability and strength that a garage door requires.

You can find these faux woods made from either fiberglass or steel. No matter which material you pick, the finish will have it looking like the real thing.

Current Trends and Styles

While you may not realize there are trends and different styles in the world of garage doors, the fact is that there are always changes happening and new trends to be aware of. If you’re thinking about replacing your current garage door some of the hottest styles today are:

  • Making use of arches, small windows, and faux wood doors to create that French country look.
  • Going for sleek and contemporary by adding a border in a neutral color to your garage door. Choose a border color that is different than the door color.
  • Make use of swinging doors to create a carriage house design.
  • Use cast iron and either real or faux wood for a farmhouse effect.
  • Make use of marble, granite, or shingles for a modern look.

Any of these styles, and more, can be achieved through Middlesex Door Systems.

Affordable Updates

Much of your updates will likely depend on your budget. If you find yourself with a little less to spend, simply painting your current garage door a different color with drastically change the exterior of your house. If you want to make a big statement, go for a gold color. If you are making these changes because you plan on selling your home in the future, it’s always wise to keep neutral colors in mind.

Because picking a color can be a tough job you can always contact Middlesex Door Systems for help and advice on color choices, the paint to use, and the technique that will work best. As well they can help with tips and advice on what would best suit your house as far as a garage door update goes.

For more information check out our blog.

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