Is your garage ready to get you through the winter?

The cold winter weather is at your doorstep, and now is the time to make sure that you’re ready to meet it head-on.

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The ideal garage will have organized tools and storage so that things are handy when you most need them. This includes your winter gear.

This blog will help you learn more and get started on your own garage so you don’t have to constantly wonder where things are.

First up, storage! Think function and access.

Some people undervalue the importance of garage storage and organization. It’s pretty handy, though, when you can just walk into the garage and grab the shovel off the wall and head outside.

A lot of us use the garage for storage during the warmer months because the cars are fine outside. When cold weather arrives, though, seasonal items might need to be packed up so that the car can fit inside.

Clean up and clean out to get rid of excess junk. Before you throw away, consider recycling and donating to charity with the items that you find.

What do you need to be ready for winter?

A snowblower can be handy

It's not a requirement, of course, but if you do have a snowblower, make sure it’s in good working order. Has it been tuned up? At least change the oil every season to give it a better lifespan.

Are your shovels at the ready?

A great example of stored shovels in the garage.

Check out your snow shovels before you need them. Make sure that they’re in good shape, easily accessible, and ready to go. Replace wooden-handled shovels with aluminum to avoid breaking or rotting.

Is your salt ready?

  • You’ll want to keep at least one bag of rock salt on hand
  • Consider getting some gravel or sand to mix in so that you can add more traction to the ground to prevent slips.

Do you have a generator for emergencies?

In areas known for power outages, having a generator is a must. Check:

  • Does it power on and function correctly?
  • Do you have plenty of fuel on hand? The last thing you want is to run out of fuel in an emergency.
  • CAUTION: NEVER run your generator inside the garage. This can release dangerous carbon monoxide into the air and result in poisoning you and your family. Hundreds of people across North America die needlessly because of this each year.

Is your car ready for winter?

  • Stock up on windshield washer fluid so that you’re ready to get rid of that salt and sludge.
  • Where are your scrapers and snow brushes? If they’re not in your car already, put them there now.
  • If you park outside, keep jumper cables handy. It's best to store them in the vehicle so that you always have them, no matter where you are.

Don’t forget the fun stuff!

Neat ski equipment storage

How’s your garage door looking?

Make sure that your garage door is ready for winter, too.

Winter is always a mixed bag of surprises and it’s important to be ready.

It can go from sunny and rainy to snowing, and then it’s suddenly 5ºF (-15ºC) and you can see your weatherstripping becoming one with the elements as your door is stuck in ice.

Has your garage had a good tune-up recently?

Don’t wait until something goes wrong to get it looked at—maintenance is a must.

Count on Garaga dealers to take care of your garage door system. They’ll do a complete 26-point inspection and make adjustments, as well as lubricating the system.

Considering a new garage door or need repairs before winter?

Contact us now at 1-866-826-1309.

We’ve seen just about everything that winter can bring. Our specialists will be able to help you find the best course of action for your garage door, from simple repairs to full replacement.

We’ll even send a quotation by email.

Thinking about upgrading your garage door? Our Design Centre can help you create the perfect look and even try it on your garage before you decide. For inspiration, check out the ideas in our garage door gallery.

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