Building a garage: the steps to follow

Are you considering the addition of a garage to your home? Do you want it detached or attached to the house? Or could you be planning to convert your carport into a garage, or possibly building a room over a detached garage?

Now that's a great idea! Adding a garage will not only prove to be very practical, but it will also increase the resale value of your property.

However, such an important project requires some serious planning. In order to avoid making mistakes that could become disastrous while at the same time staying within your budget, take the time to consult with an expert in the field of garage plans.


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Here are the four most common projects:

  1. building a garage attached to your house,
  2. building a detached garage,
  3. converting your carport into a garage,
  4. building an apartment over a detached garage.
Gorgeous urban style house, beautiful windows, large garage with 2 modern garage doors in Black with window
This luxurious urban style home boasts a spacious attached garage with 2 modern garage doors in Black. Planimage #22780
Very large detached garage featuring an oversized garage door that can accommodate multiple vehicles including an RV, motorcycle, ATV, etc.
This detached garage will please DIYers as well as those with recreational vehicles, such as a boat or RV! An appropriate oversized garage door has been added. Planimage #G-29A
Large detached garage with upstairs loft has a nice rustic feel. Black double garage door adds a great contemporary touch.
This large detached garage with upstairs loft features a beautiful rustic feel that blends well with the outdoors. Its double garage door in Black adds a nice contemporary touch while blending well with the style. Planimage #69991
Cozy bungalow with its carport converted into a garage with a single beige garage door.
What a makeover! The owners transformed their carport into a garage while adding a room above and redoing the exterior siding. The simple beige garage door blends in beautifully with the decor. Planimage #RENO-018

Planning stages

The main steps involved in planning the construction of an attached garage are the following:

  1. determine your needs
  2. check municipal regulations (the size of the garage is an integral part of municipal bylaws). Most municipalities have strict rules about the size of garages, sometimes based on the size of the house and/or land. For example, there could be setbacks to respect when choosing the location or even a maximum height to consider when it comes time to design plans
  3. design the plans for the garage with the help of a professional who will make sure your needs and any local regulations are respected
  4. obtain the building permit
  5. plan financing

The most expensive of the four possible projects is to build an attached garage. Adding an apartment over a garage is also expensive, but it could generate revenue.

If you are planning to build a garage attached to your house, take a look at this text.

For a garage detached from your house, for instance in the back of your lot, please read these instructions .

To convert your carport into a garage, we have provided this information.

And finally, to discover six good reasons to build a studio apartment over a detached garage, read the following text.

In any case, you will need a garage door. See the different door models from Garaga that will both suit your architectural style and your budget.

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