Are there garage door styles that fit Scandinavian Design?

Yes! There are garage door designs that not only fit but even enhance the minimalism of the Scandinavian Style.

3 Best Garage Door Models for Scandinavian Exterior House Design

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What does a Scandinavian exterior house design look like?

The Scandinavian nations of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland share a sense of style that keeps on capturing more and more homeowners’ hearts and eyes in the US. These countries all have one thing in common: long, dark winters and mild, temperate springs and bright, sunny summers.

We are used to seeing it in the interior design of condos, apartments, and modern homes.

But for a while now, Scandinavian design has become increasingly popular outside, for the exterior of your house.

How can you recognize the Scandinavian architecture?

Scandinavian Style house plan. Its blond wood contrasting with black windows and front door, gable and beams over the entry door, the triangular window and the slope of the roof.

Here is a typical Scandinavian Style house plan, created by Real Architecture. Your eye is drawn to its blond wood contrasting with the black windows and front door, as well as the gable and beams over the entry door, which echo the triangular window and the slope of the roof. Sleek lines and a few spectacular elements are the key to owning this style.

Here are the 5 key characteristics of Scandinavian house design exteriors

1. Clean Lines

At a first glance, you’ll instantly spot some sharp lines in the Scandinavian architecture. These houses are constructed in such a way that they have clean lines at the top with an asymmetrical edge. You’ll often see pointy roofs. While adding angles (triangles!) to overly square and simple lines, these sloped roofs naturally allow snow to slide off, meaning less work for you!

2. Use of Natural Materials

Natural materials play a big role in the Scandinavian house style. Most homes include elements like pale wood and stone. The preferred wood species are beech, ash, and pine. Lighter in color, these woods also feature a subtle grain with not a lot of knots.

3. Large Windows

Large windows are a must to connect the inside and outside so that residents can enjoy their surroundings. Plus, they let the most natural light in, which is very important in Nordic countries like the United States and Scandinavian countries.

This Scandinavian modern exterior found on Houzz shows how black garage doors are a great match with vertical iron ore siding.

This Scandinavian modern exterior found on Houzz shows how black garage doors are a great match with vertical iron ore siding.

4. Uses of Black and Deep Charcoal Colors

We’ve seen and we still see many Scandinavian exterior house colors showcasing pale wood or white vertical siding, black being the accent color for window frames, entry door, garage door and roof. But Black is getting the most predominant color scheme now. Black vinyl siding, dormer windows, soffits, fascia, and stone are often used together with just a few insertions of pale wood. You don’t feel comfortable with such a dark exterior? Do the exact opposite and your Scandinavian exterior house will be gorgeous too.

5. Different Heights

The silhouette is quite important when it comes to modern Scandi homes. These homes feature roofs and windows of various sizes and heights.

Scandinavian exterior doesn’t need to be 2 storeys. See this plan from The House Designers.

Scandinavian exterior architecture doesn’t automatically need to be 2 storeys. This plan from The House Designers proves it. In fact, the minimalist spirit of this style really goes well with small bungalows, cottages, or townhouses.

The garage door models that suit the Scandinavian style

Flush garage door design in Black Color

Less is More!

The Flush design is the most minimalist overhead door design. In fact, except for the lines created by your garage door sections and the light woodgrain finish of the steel, nothing has been added. Available in Black for the R-16 Standard+ and R-12 Acadia constructions or in Black Ice in our non-insulated garage doors. Clean, simple look that will help draw the eyes to the more spectacular elements of your Scandinavian house exterior design.

Moderno Multi garage door design in Black Color

Mimic Wood Planks

Your Scandinavian home exterior has areas of vertical or horizontal pale wood planks as an architectural element? Maybe you could add a touch of reminiscence with a Moderno Multi garage door design. This design basically consists of 3/16’’deep continuous lines every 4 inches which create a real wood effect even more impressive in the Chocolate Walnut, Faux Wood color, but also available in Black, of course.

Moderno 2 beads garage door design in Black Color with Left-Side Harmony windows
Moderno 2 beads garage door design in Black Color
Moderno 2 beads garage door design in Black Color with 21x13 window in the upper row

Subtle Horizontal Accent

Instead of trying to hide the sections, why not accentuate them? The Moderno 2 beads design adds a 3/16’’deep continuous line above and another one below each garage door section, transforming it into a subtle piece of design.

Full-view California garage door with a Zen layout
Full-view double California garage door
Full-view California garage door with a Total layout

Let there be light!

You want to add a spectacular architectural element, large windows, and a black touch all at the same time? Well, you should definitively consider a full-view California garage door.

A picture from inside the living room of a Scandinavian house of a full-view California garage door

This aluminum garage door creates wonderful interior and exterior spaces, like between your living room and your swimming pool or to close your outside patio and keep it warmer and use it later in fall and earlier in springtime.

A Scandinavian Exterior House, with a full-view California double garage door, 16' x 7', Black aluminum frame, Sandblasted glass

Of course, you can also choose the full-view California door for the garage of your Scandinavian house. And why not keep a small space for a hammock or a good reading chair where you could get away from it all sometimes.

You can always add windows to your overhead door. Left-side, right-side, first row, second row, you choose their sizes and where you want them on your garage door. Garaga offers several types of windows according to your tastes. Based on the level of privacy you desire in your garage, you can also choose the appropriate glass type.

Need more inspiration?

Visit our Design Centre where you can upload a photo of your home and have fun creating the best combination of garage door for your Scandinavian style home!

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