Best Options for Garage Flooring

Out of all the areas of your property, the garage probably gets the worst of the abuse. After all, you are driving your vehicle into and out of the garage, or you are storing items and sliding boxes around the garage in most cases. Whether it is scratches on the floor, marks from tires, oil stains, dirt, or anything else that gets on the floor, it can be difficult to keep things clean and in shape. Choosing the right flooring can help with this.
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To fix or replace your garage door – that is the question!

Are you noticing strange sounds emanating from your garage door? Is it not performing quite the way it once did? Are you wondering whether you should fix it, or just rip the whole thing out and go with a new door? Don’t take too long about making the decision – you could be compromising your safety.
There could be any number of reasons why your garage door is acting up, or even failing to work. You might be able to get by with repairs, or you might have to replace the door. The following guide should help you to make the right decision.
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Making the Garage a Safe Place for Kids

You might think of the garage as a place that is off limits to the kids, but this is restrictive in its approach. There are many ways that you can redesign the space and turn it into a great play area for young children and adults alike. The possibilities really are endless.
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Glass garage doors – the ultimate in versatility

More and more, people want to live outdoors as much as they do indoors, and that means that there’s a lot more to it now than just a door and a back step leading out into the yard.  We want ways of extending the time that we can spend outside, and ways of making the outdoors every bit as inviting as the indoors. If you want to extend the summer evenings throughout the year, or just get more out of your view, consider a glass garage door.
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What Are Reinforcement Struts for Your Garage Door?

Have you noticed the u-shaped steel bars that are on the inside of your garage door? They are attached by hinges, and they are known as reinforcement struts. Of course, even though you are sure they must be important, you might not have any idea exactly what they do and how important they truly are.
Let’s take a closer look at these reinforcement struts to learn more about them.
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Your Newest Party Spot…The Garage!

Party planning always begins with one major decision – where to hold the event. If you are in charge of arranging a party for your family, friends or even your office or other group, it means choosing the right spot. Unfortunately, when the event has many people, your choices shrink and get expensive. On the other hand you may already have the perfect spot for the gathering…your garage! Forget rearranging the furniture in your house or trying to find a rental with the right ratio of space to party guests. The garage lets you have complete control, works even in the rain and lets your imagination run wild in terms of décor and more.
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Using your garage for a gardening head start

Are you an aspiring gardener looking for a way to improve your chances of lush plants and an abundant harvest of vegetables from your garden this year? Of course, you can buy plants from the garden centre, but a great way to save a little bit of money and still see excellent results is to sow your own seeds. While you can start seeds off in the house, using the garage can be a great alternative.
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Your Garage Door: The Unsung Hero of Your Home

You see it every day and probably use it just about every day as well. Yet it’s likely that you’ve never thought too closely about your garage door. It’s even more likely that you’ve never considered just how impressive it is.
Impressive, you ask? It’s just a garage door, you say? Well, perhaps you’ve never thought about the performance challenges that confront your garage door. After reading this post, you might just feel a certain amount of gratitude for your trusty garage door. And, when you need a new one, you’ll understand better why it’s so crucial to have one upon which you can rely. Read More

Is an insulated garage really that advantageous?

Unsure of whether you need to insulate your garage? Well, there are no regulations for detached garages, but if you have an attached garage some government organizations state that shared walls and ceilings with a room above must have a certain R-value. As for non-shared walls… well there’s no set regulations.
But why would you bother insulating if you don’t need to? Ask anyone and they’ll give you the same response: for comfort. If you’re going to be using your garage for anything other than parking and storage, you’ll probably want to be comfortable in there, and there’s absolutely no point using a space heater if the walls are not insulated!
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